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Books recently published by the faculty of the Department of History at FIU. For full listing of publications please refer to the CVs of individual faculty members.

Other academic publications

Recent non-monographic academic publications of the faculty of the Department of History. These are arranged alphabetically by faculty name. For full listing of publications please refer to the CVs of individual faculty members.

  • Jessica Adler
    • Adler, J.L., (2020) “The Case for the Courts: Military, Society, and the Legal Record” Reviews in American History, 48, no. 4: 596-604. (Review essay on Unexampled Courage: The Blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard and the Awakening of President Harry S. Truman and Judge J. Waties Waring by Richard Gergel and Policing Sex and Marriage in the American Military: The Court-Martial and the Construction of Gender and Sexual Deviance, 1950–2000 by Kellie Wilson-Buford.)
    • Adler, J.L., (2020) Review of A Time of Scandal: Charles R. Forbes, Warren G. Harding, and the Making of the Veterans Bureau, by Rosemary Stevens, Nursing History Review, 28, no. 1: 209-211.
    • Martin Olliff, Nancy K. Bristow, Adler, J.L., (2020) “Fighting the Great War Over Here” chapter adapted from conference proceedings for Dixie’s Great War: World War I and the American South, Andrew Huebner and John Giggie, eds., (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press).
    • Adler, J.L., (2020) Health-Related Prison Conditions in the Progressive and Civil Rights Eras: Lessons from the Rockefeller Archive Center,
    • Adler, J.L., (2020) “If we want to stop covid-19, we can’t forget the incarcerated,” Washington Post, March 31, 2020.
    • Adler, J.L., Page, T., (2019) “Disability Reporting Among U.S. Immigrant Veterans: Findings and Implications,” Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health, 27, no. 2: 18-27.
    • Chen, W., Adler, J.L., (2019) “Assessment of Screen Exposure in Young Children, 1997 to 2014,” JAMA Pediatrics 173, no. 4: 391-393.
    • Adler, J.L., (2019) “Why Incarcerated People Must Be Able to Speak Out About Abuse,” Washington Post, November 15, 2019.
    • Adler, J.L., (2019) Almarales, B., Humanities-Based Programming for Veterans: Report on a University-Community Partnership, report for National Endowment for the Humanities, available via
    • Adler, J.L., (2019) “Veterans’ Perspectives and the Great Task Remaining,” National Council on Public History, History@Work, March 8, 2019.
    • Adler, J.L., (2018) “Veterans, Like Other Working- and Middle-Class Americans, Increasingly Rely on Public Health Programs,” American Journal of Public Health, 108, no. 3: 298-299.
    • Adler, J.L., (2018) Review of Ensuring America’s Health: The Public Creation of the Corporate Health Care System, by Christy Ford Chapin, Business History Review, 92, no. 2: 390-392.
    • Adler, J.L., (2018) Review of Medicine in First World War Europe: Soldiers, Medics, Pacifists, by Fiona Reid, Social History of Medicine, 31, no. 2: 432–433.
    • Adler, J.L. 2018. “Veterans, Like Other Working- and Middle-Class Americans, Increasingly Rely on Public Health Programs” American Journal of Public Health, 108, No. 3, 298-299.
    • Adler, J.L. 2017. Review of Medicine in First World War Europe: Soldiers, Medics, Pacifists for Social History of Medicine (doi: https:/ doi.org10.1093/shm/hkx115, print version forthcoming).
    • Adler, J.L. 2017. “To Recognize Those Who Served: Gendered Analyses of Veterans’ Policies, Representations, and Experiences” in The Routledge Handbook of Gender, War, and the U.S. Military, Kara Dixon Vuic, (ed.), Routledge: New York, 303-322.
    • Adler, J.L. 2017. Review of The Rise of the Military Welfare State for Journal of Economic History, 77, no. 2, 625-627.
    • Adler, J.L. 2017. “‘The service I rendered was just as true’: African American soldiers and veterans as activist patients” American Journal of Public Health, 107, no. 5, 675-683.
    • Page, T., M. Williams, G. Cassella, J. Adler, & B. Amick. 2017. “The impact of Zika on local business” Disaster Prevention & Management, 26, 452-457.
  • Gwyn Davies
    • Davies, G. 2021. Book review of Zeichmann, C.B. 2019 (ed.). Essential Essays for the Study of the Military in First-Century Palestine: Soldiers and the New Testament Context. Eugene, OR: Pickwick. Review of Biblical LiteraturePublished 2021-02-25.
    • Davies, G. 2020. ‘Dig for Victory’! Competitive Fieldwork in Classical Siege Operations. In: Eisenberg, M. and Khamisy, R. (eds.) The Art of Siege Warfare and Military Architecture from the Classical World to the Middle Ages, 45-53. Oxbow: Oxford
    • Davies, G. 2020. Book review of Breeze, D. The Frontiers of Imperial Rome. Philadelphia: Pen and Sword Press. History: Reviews of New Books. 48.5. 132-134.
    • Davies, G. 2020. 'I will lay waste your cities, and you will become a desolation'. Insurgency and counter-insurgency in Judaea. Small Wars and Insurgencies, 31:5, 1080-1107.
    • Davies, G. 2019. Book review of Magness, J. 'Masada: From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth'. Princeton and Oxford: Princeton UP. Strata: Bulletin of the Anglo-Israeli Archaeological Society. 37, 163-4.
    • Davies, G. 2019. The Landscapes of Siege. In: Armstrong, J. and Trundle, M. (eds.) The Brill's Companion to Sieges in the Ancient Mediterranean, 18-34. Brill: Leiden.
    • Davies, G. 2019. Book review of Wrightson, G. Combined Arms Warfare in Ancient Greece. From Homer to Alexander the Great and his Successors. London and New York: Routledge. Classical Review. 69.2. 1-3.
    • Davies, G. 2017. 'Shock and awe' a la romana: La artillería legionaria en el siglo II d. c. Desperta Ferro (Especiales). 13, 12-18.
    • Davies, G. & Magness, J. 2017. Recovering Josephus: Mason's History of the Jewish War and the Siege of Masada. Scripta Classica Israelica, 36, 55-65.
    • Davies, G. 2017. Prey or Participants? : Civilian Siege Experiences during the First Jewish Revolt. In: Foote, N. and Williams, N. (eds.) Civilians and Warfare in World History , 67-79. Routledge: New York.
    • Davies, G. 2017. Review of Graff, D.A. The Eurasian Way of War: Military Practice in Seventh-century China and Byzantium. Routledge: Oxford. Journal of Military History. 81.2., 542-44.
  • Jenna Gibbs
    • Gibbs, J. M. 2018. Missions and the Global Question of Slavery: The Case of Christian Latrobe in Saxony, Great Britain and South Africa. In: Ratschiller, L. and Wetjen, K. (eds.) Verflochtene Mission: Perspektiven auf eine neue Missionsgeschichte, 27-44. Böhler: Wien/Köln/Weimar
    • Gibbs, J. M. 2018. Review of Kelly, K.E. Republic of Taste: Art, Politics and Everyday Life in Early America. University of Pennsylvania Press: Philadelphia. Early American Literature, 42:3, 250-254.
    • Gibbs, J. M. 2017. Review of Catron, J. W. Embracing Protestantism: Black Identities in the Atlantic World. University Press of Florida: Gainesville. Church History Journal, 9:2, 538-541
  • Hilary Jones
    • Hilary Jones, 2018. “Originaire Women and Political Life in Senegal’s Four Communes.” In Black French Women and the Struggle for Equality 1848-2015, edited by Germain Felix and Sylaine Larcher. University of Nebraska Press, Chapter 1.
    • Hilary Jones, 2017. “Fugitive Slaves and Christian Evangelism in French West Africa: A Protestant Mission in late Nineteenth-century Senegal,” Slavery & Abolition 38:1, 76-94.
    • Hilary Jones, 2017. Review of Carina Ray, Crossing the Color Line: Race, Sex, and Contested Politics of Colonialism in Ghana, Journal of African History 58:3, 552-553.
  • Erika Kern
    • Harlitz-Kern, E. 2020. “The Puzzle of the Banquet Hall of the Dukes. The Professionalization of Swedish Historical Research Studied through Ludwik Fleck’s Thought Collective and Thought Style,” History and Theory, no. 1, 3–21.
      https:/ onlinelibrary.wiley.comdoi/abs/10.1111/hith.12143
    • Harlitz-Kern, E. 2018. Book review of Hutchings, R.M. Maritime Heritage in Crisis. Indigenous Landscapes and Global Ecological Breakdown, The International Network for Theory of History (Belgium), April, 2018.
      https:/ www.inth.ugent.becontent/maritime-heritage-crisis-indigenous-landscapes-and-global-ecological-breakdown
  • Sven Kube
    • Kube, S. 2021. “Socialist Riches to Capitalist Rags: The Disintegration of the GDR Music Industry during German Reunification.” In Galuszka, P. (ed.) Eastern European Music Industries and Policies after the Fall of Communism: From State Control to Free Market, 81–93. London: Routledge.
  • Bianca Premo
    • Premo, Bianca. 2018. “As If She Were My Own: Love, Mastery and Freedom in the Slave Regime of Colonial Peru.” In Daina Berry and Leslie Harris, eds. Sexuality and Slavery: Reclaiming Intimate Histories in the Americas. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2018.
    • Premo, Bianca. 2018. Review Fractional Freedoms: Slavery, Intimacy, and Legal Mobilization in Colonial Lima, 1600-1700 by Michelle A. McKinley, The Hispanic American Historical Review no. 98, 2 (2018): 307-8.
    • Premo, Bianca. 2017. “Legal Writing, Civil Litigation and Agents in the Spanish Imperial World,” Kenneth Mills, ed. The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History: Spanish Empire, 1-22. New York: Oxford University Press.
    • Premo, Bianca. 2017. “Priorities of Law,” In Dialogue – with Judith Scheele, Daniel Lord Smail, Bianca Premo, and Bhavani Raman on the website for journal Comparative Studies in Society and History http:/
    • Premo, Bianca. 2017. Review of Transatlantic Obligations: Creating the Bonds of Family in Conquest-Era Peru and Spain by Jane A. Mangan, (Oxford, 2016), and Allyson M. Poska,Gendered Crossings: Women and Migration in the Spanish Empire (University of New Mexico, 2015) Colonial Latin America Review 26:4, 547-549.
  • Chantalle F. Verna
    • Verna, Chantalle. 2018, Review of Empire’s Guestworkers: Haitian Migrants in Cuba during the Age of U.S. Occupation. By Matthew Casey in Journal of Social History,Cambridge University Press, 2017. xii plus 313 pp.