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M. Stephanie Chancy

Postdoctoral Fellow



Dr. Chancy’s research focuses on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European Atlantic material culture, specifically portraiture. Her work incorporates elements of U.S. History, Caribbean History and European History as well as material pieces such as paintings, sculptures and photographs. Her dissertation, “Atlantic Legacies: Free Women of Color and the Changing Notions of Womanhood in the Long Nineteenth Century,” uses the biographies and the individual portraits of three free-born African-descended women from the Americas to illustrate how they adopted and adapted the evolving notions of ideal womanhood to assert their sense of self and define a place for themselves in predominantly white societies. She served as the Green Family Foundation Graduate Fellow at the Digital Library of the Caribbean, has taught several undergraduate level courses and, prior to her academic career, served as an administrator for two non-profit performing arts organizations.