M.A. in History

Please note that the official FIU Graduate Catalog provides the most complete and accurate description of degree requirements. Be sure to consult the Catalog in History for the year of admission when determining admissions criteria and courses for degree.

Description and Goals

Students pursue the Master of Arts in History by following one of three M.A. tracks: Report Option, Thesis Option, or Public History Option. The degree requirements vary across the respective M.A. tracks. Students wishing to pursue a doctorate in Atlantic History at FIU must make a separate application to the Ph.D. program upon completing the M.A. program.


Graduate Courses

General Coursework Requirements

  • Total program coursework will include a minimum of 30 credit hours, including a maximum of 6 thesis credits for those on the Thesis Track.
  • All students need to complete one two-semester research seminar (total of 6 credits).
  • All students are required to take Historical Methods (HIS 6059, not transferable from another program).


  • Students are normally limited to 3 credit hours of Independent Study (HIS 5908), and cannot exceed a maximum of 6, which requires written approval of the Graduate Program Director.
  • Students must receive at least a grade B in any course to be counted toward the degree.
  • no more than 6 semester hours of Special Topics courses (HIS 5935)
  • no more than one research seminar per semester
  • no graduate-level cross-listed courses already taken at the undergraduate level
  • All coursework must be completed at FIU.


M.A. Tracks

Report Option

  • A total of 30 semester-hours of coursework are needed for the MA degree with Report Option.
  • Students select their courses in consultation with the Graduate Program Director or appropriate Graduate Faculty member.
  • All courses must be taken in the Department of History at FIU.
  • Students must complete one two-semester research seminar (6 credits). The paper produced in this seminar is the report. For reports judged to be outstanding according to the department's criteria, research seminar professors may render final approval, and the research seminar paper submitted can serve to satisfy the report option requirement. Presently, the department requires a grade of A- or A on the paper to be judged "outstanding." All other reports must be revised for submission to the Graduate Committee.
  • Students whose paper earns less than an A- must revise the paper produced in the seminar and submit it to the Graduate Committee for final approval.
  • Students planning on graduating in the same semester as they present their report should communicate their deliberations to the supervising faculty member to ensure enough time for revisions if any are necessary.

Thesis Option

  • Students will register for at least 6 credit hours of Thesis Research (HIS 6970). No more than 6 credits will be counted toward the degree.
  • Each student must compile a Thesis Committee of three faculty members, including one Thesis Director, and defend their thesis proposal before registering for Thesis Research.
  • The completed thesis must be successfully defended and formally approved by the committee.
  • The degree candidate will prepare the thesis in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the university's Graduate Policies Manual. The degree will be conferred after the approval of the final version of the thesis by the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs and its acceptance by University Graduate School.
  • Students must demonstrate reading competence in a language other than English. Language competency is assessed by the faculty of the Department of History as appropriate. Courses required to meet the language competency requirement do not count toward the degree. The language required differs depending upon the field of concentration. Students should consult their advisor and the course catalog for details.

Public History Option

  • a total of 30 credit hours, of which 6 must be in a public history internship
  • a minimum of one two-semester research seminar (6 credits)
  • the course Historical Methods (HIS 6059)
  • at least two of the following three courses: Public History (HIS 5067), Museum History (HIS 5084), Introduction to Museum Studies (AFH 5850, offered by the Department of Art and Art History)
  • The remaining elective courses should be selected in consultation with the Graduate Program Director.
  • public defense of internship portfolio

For information on the Public History Internship, please contact the department's Public History Advisor.

Students pursuing the Public History Option may also wish to earn the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies offered in Art and Art History.