Why study history at FIU?

The Department of History offers advanced academic training for graduate students at both the master's and doctoral levels. Take advantage of our excellent faculty to gain a deep appreciation of the trends and themes that inform our understanding of the past and frame future approaches to policy making. The department pioneered the establishment of a PhD in Atlantic History and is deeply committed to encouraging both transnational and comparative approaches as well as the pursuit of regional historical research that takes full advantage of Miami's geographical location and cultural specificities.

Intellectual evironment

The Department of History's graduate programs are firmly integrated into FIU's growing University Graduate School. Students in history benefit from the department's close affiliations with the African and African Diaspora Studies Program, the Latin American and Caribbean Center, the Cuban Research Institute, the European Center of Excellence, the Wolfsonian Museum, and a large number of other departments and divisions that make FIU one of the largest and most dynamic public research universities in the United States.

We are committed to providing our graduate students at both MA and PhD levels with the preparation and skills that will enable them to pursue successful careers either inside or outside of Academia. Your success is important to us!

Spring 2024 Graduate Courses

Course offerings are subject to change between now and the start of the semester.

Spring In-Person


  • AFH 6933: Research Seminar in African History, Topic: Sources and Methods in African History (Aderinto)
    • Prerequisite: AFH 6932 in Fall 2023

Latin America

  • LAH 5905: Readings in Latin American History: Readings in Cuban History - History, Myth, Memory (Garcia)
  • LAH 5905: Readings in Latin American History: Gender, Sex, & Reproduction (Premo)
  • LAH 6933: Research Seminar in Latin American History: Law and Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (Uribe)
    • Prerequisite: LAH 6932 in Fall 2023

Public History/United States

  • HIS 5084/AMH 5935: History, Memory, and the Public: Racial Violence in the U.S. (Royles)

Spring Online


  • EUH 5126: Readings in European History, Topic: Medieval Europe (Terry-Roisin)

United States

  • AMH 5905: Readings in United States History: Urban History (Lipartito)
  • AMH 6933: Research Seminar in United States History: Race and Slavery in Popular Culture (Gibbs)
    • Prerequisite: AMH 6932 in Fall 2023

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