Pre Law Students

FIU does not offer a "Pre-Law Major". While there is no single major that offers the best preparation for law school, History is an excellent choice and History graduates have consistently gained admission to top law schools across the country.*

The Department of History recognizes the interests and needs of the undergraduate major who plans to attend law school. The basic skills important to such students include how to (1) think analytically, (2) read critically, (3) have a sense of context, and (4) write and present clearly, correctly, and persuasively. History students are particularly well-grounded in these competencies by virtue of the skills they develop in their major and the Department actively encourages interested majors to acquire a broad background in History rather than to select only courses that deal with legal history.

In selecting electives, History majors should remember that both the LSAT and law school require logical thinking, good reading comprehension, and strong writing. It would be difficult to conceive of any other discipline that offers better preparatory skill-set development for future lawyers!

Accelerated Juris Doctor (JD) programs

FIU's College of Law (COL) will consider applications from qualified FIU undergraduate students who meet certain COL admissions criteria in what is coined the "3+3" program.

Requirements include:

· Completion of 90 undergraduate credits before Fall of the Senior year

· All University, College and Major requirements, with the exception of the minimum 120 credits, must be satisfied prior to the Fall of the Senior year

· Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.50 as calculated by the Credential Assembly Service of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC).

· Students should have a minimum LSAT score of 155 (or the median LSAT score of the previous entering COL class) prior to March of the year the student wishes to matriculate at the College of Law.

Upon completion of all undergraduate, college and major requirements (except for the minimum 120 credits), students accepted into the College of Law will enroll in Year One curriculum as outlined by the College of Law. The credits earned in these COL courses will then be applied towards the 120 under total credit count required for the Bachelor's degree.

The following College of Arts & Sciences majors support the 3 + 3 programs with the College of Law:

· Criminal Justice

· Economics

· History

· Liberal Studies

· Philosophy

· Political Science

· Public Administration

· Religious Studies

For further details or to discuss a plan of study for completion of all requirements prior to the undergraduate Senior year, please contact Keaton Lora.


*The most recent law school admits include Alessandra Siblesz (BA Fall 2016) admitted to the University of Florida, Sophia Gonzalez (BA Spring 2017) admitted to the University of Michigan, and David Nabors (BA Fall 2016) admitted to Harvard Law.