Upcoming Courses

Want to know what courses will be offered in future semesters? Plan out your future by reading the department's planned offerings.

Please note that these are tentative and subject to change. (Listings for Summer and Fall 2017 were last updated on March 24, 2017)

If you have questions about what you should register for, please contact the Department of History's undergraduate advisor Keaton Lora.


The Department of History will be offering TWO ONLINE classes for the short ‘Winter Mini-Term’ that will run between December 15th to January 3rd.

Course TittleSection Delivery Method Room Time Instructor
AMH 2020: American History Introductory Survey Since 1877 Survey of American history since 1877 including such topics as industrialization, political reform, experiences in war, social conflict, and changing conceptions of the meaning of democracy. RVM On-line N/A N/A Prof. Anny Mungaray
WOH 2001: World Civilization. Examines key developments of major world civilizations in a comparative perspective. RVM On-line N/A N/A Prof. Josue Rey

Current and Upcoming Courses:

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Please email kelora@fiu.edu [Mr. Keaton Lora] with History advising questions and to have your Panther Degree Audit adjusted to match these requirements.