The History Major for Veterans

Military veterans come to FIU with diverse service experiences and a variety of career goals but for many, the History major could help pave the way for future success. According to a January 2017 article in Perspectives on History, “veterans can be more adept than the general population at thinking critically and appreciating the study of the past.”

While veterans’ unique life experiences can enrich their perspectives on history, the skills they develop in History classes will serve them well in careers in a variety of fields. Courses on diverse people and cultures, war and society, health and medicine, and politics and policy allow students to hone their critical reading and analytical skills, as well as their written, oral, and digital communication abilities. They enhance as well students’ understandings of complex local and global contexts and change through time.

The History major is particularly suited to veteran-students who aim to pursue careers in education and policy and government work. Faculty can work with students who are interested in pursuing career opportunities, for example, with Florida’s Troops to Teachers program and the federal government. They can also help guide students who are considering graduate school opportunities, including Masters and Doctoral programs in History and related fields, as well as medical and law school.

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