Preparing for your Appointment


We recommend that you make an appointment with any of the tutors early in the writing process. Keep in mind that the Tutoring Center at the History Department tends to get very busy some weeks of the semester and we cannot accommodate everyone of the times requested.

What to bring: Please make sure to bring the assignment sheet and any other supporting material, such as grading rubric, writing hints, etc that your professor has provided you. Also, bring a hard copy of the paper you will like to review with the tutor.


The tutoring session lasts for 45 minutes. During that time you, the student, are in control of your paper.After all, it is your paper and your ideas.. Your tutor will first discuss “global” issues with you. For instance, he or she will make sure you have a strong thesis statement and that it adequately responds to the assignment.

Please remember that the tutors will not edit or proofread your papers for you. Their goal is to provide you with the tools to become a better writing and communicate your ideas in more effective ways.