Writing in History Program

While strengthening their research portfolio and honing their own teaching skills, our post-doctoral fellows contribute to the enhancement of the department’s efforts to turn the teaching and learning of historical writing into an even more central aspect of our enterprise. This is indispensable to ensure students’ academic success. Besides teaching in their own specialties, the fellows’ duties include hosting departmental workshops addressed to faculty and graduate students about the best practices in the field. Workshops are also held under their leadership to guide undergraduate students in the completion of historical writing projects.

Post-doctoral fellows also assist in training and coordinating the department’s team of writing tutors, for instance by providing useful pedagogical materials to undergraduate students to refine their critical writing skills. While the Writing in History program is unique and specific to the needs of our department, fellows work diligently to continue developing synergies with other departments at FIU as part of the Writing Across the Curriculum initiative on campus. The program also works to build bridges with, among others, the Center for Excellence in Writing, a resource for students and faculty on writing instruction and pedagogical advancement.