Program Alumni

This is what alumni of the department's postdoctoral programs say about their experience:

Peter Ferdinando held a Writing in History Postdoctoral Fellowship during the 2015/16 cycle. Subsequently, he accepted an appointment as Visiting Lecturer at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. At UNC, Peter teaches courses on Native Americans and Caribbean history, including a popular course titled "Pirates of the Caribbean: Privateers, Buccaneers and Pirates, 1562-1720."

Image"The postdoc position represented a vital link between my graduation and my ventures into the job market. Hiring committees questioned me about the strategies and skills I could bring to their students. Being able to talk at length about strategies to assist students with the writing process was a tremendous benefit. The chance to develop two courses, including both an introductory course and an advanced history seminar, also gave my portfolio of syllabi a boost."

Greg Weimer worked as a Writing in History Postdoctoral Fellow in 2015/16 as well. After his postdoc year, Greg went on to accept a job as Academic Designer with McGraw-Hill Education.

Image "The fellowship gave me various opportunities to focus on the teaching of writing and a wide array of pedagogical approaches. As I completed the tasks of the Writing in History Postdoctoral Fellowship (e.g. managing the tutoring program, leading writing workshops, and working with the faculty to integrate writing training in undergraduate teaching), I developed my own ideas of how to structure lectures and courses. As a result, my approaches to teaching have become much more effective."

Amanda Snyder held a Writing in History Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2014/15. After a year in a visiting post, she officially joined the faculty at the University of Central Florida. At UCF she is the primary and full-time online professor, teaching American and Caribbean history with a thematic focus on borderlands and frontiers.

Image"Every school I interviewed with wanted me to talk about my time as a Fellow. My interdisciplinary work in that position proved fruitful for my efforts at UCF in bringing the ideas and principles behind the Writing in History Postdoctoral Fellowship to my current institution. As a Fellow, I strengthened my approach to the teaching of academic writing as a result of experimenting with many assignment types to form the ideal approach to helping students develop professional communication skills."

Carolina Zumaglini was a Writing in History Postdoctoral Fellow in the 2014/15 academic year. She is now based in Buenos Aires, where she works as an independent content editor for W. W. Norton & Company.

Image"The Writing in History Postdoc appointment gave me the opportunity to advance in my career as a researcher, teacher, and writing tutor. Besides being an editor, I also work as a freelancing career coach, advising Latin American students who desire to study abroad. The postdoc program has provided me invaluable insight in the practical aspects of teaching at the university level that I now apply in my efforts to prepare future international students as best as I can."