Jessica L. Adler

Jessica L. Adler

Office: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, AHC5 449
Phone: 305-348-2328

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Columbia University, 2013

Research Interests:

My research and teaching interests include U.S. health, social, welfare, and disability policy; war and society; health and medicine; and American political development. My first book, Burdens of War, is about the origins and evolution of the U.S. veterans’ health system – now the nation’s largest integrated health care system. It traces changing expectations and perceptions of medical services and veterans’ benefits, and how politics and social circumstances shaped the structure, implementation, and experience of a federal health program. I continue to focus on federal involvement in health care in my current projects, which examine the late twentieth century history of the veterans’ health program, and medical care in U.S. prisons.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications:

The veterans who fought for — and won — government health care
(Washington Post, November 2017)

Burdens of War: Creating the United States Veterans Health System
(Johns Hopkins University Press, August 2017)


“The Service I Rendered Was Just as True”: African American Soldiers and Veterans as Activist Patients (American Journal of Public Health, May 2017)