Ph.D. Student Trevor Bryant wins inaugural Henry J. Voegtle Fellowship

On October 12, 2018, PhD student Trevor Bryant was awarded the inaugural Henry J. Voegtle Fellowship on the History of Florida or Southern U.S., 2018-2019. Mr. Bryant will use the funds of this fellowship to conduct archival research in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain, to investigate slavery and black society in eighteenth-century Florida. He plans to consult ecclesiastical records and imperial court cases, to investigate how and why slaves and free people of color moved around the Caribbean and southeastern North America. Bryant’s project examines how slaves and free people of color constructed kinship networks in Florida, British Carolina, and colonial Cuba. Kinship networks reveal Florida’s role as a central migration hub before its acquisition by the United States.

Mr. Bryant received the award from donor Mr. Henry J. Voegtle, whose contribution to FIU has made it possible to institute the Henry J. Voegtle History Endowment. The funds of this endowment will continue to support the writing of future undergraduate or graduate research papers by majors in the department addressing issues in the history of Florida or Southern U.S. History.

Image: bryaraward.jpg
Photo 2: Faculty members of the Department of History congratulate Mr. Bryant. From left to right: Dr. Terrence Peterson, Dr. Okezi Otovo, Dr. Victor Uribe, Mr. Henry J. Voegtle, Mr. Trevor Bryant, Dr. Michael Bustamante, Dr.Judith Mansilla, and Mr. David Skipp, Associate Director for Advancement in the FIU Foundation.