Congratulations to our Ph.D Graduates


Back Row (Advisors): Dr. Kirsten Wood, Dr. Gwyn Davies, Dr. Okezi Otovo, Dr. Jenna Gibbs, and Dr. Kenneth Lipartito

Front Row (Ph.D Graduates): Dr. Rene Silva, Dr. Jordan Malfoy, Dr.Jessica Allison, and Dr. Sven Kube


Back Row: Dr. Victor Uribe, Dr. Kenneth Lipartito, Dr. Jenna Gibbs, Dr. Gwyn Davies, Dr. Dan Royles, Sven Kube

Front Row: Dr. Michael Bustamante, Dr. Rene Silva, Dr. Kirsten Wood, Dr. Jordan Malfoy, Dr. Jessica Allison, Dr. Tovah Bender, and Dr. Okezi Otovo