Three History faculty named as FIU Top Scholars

We are proud to share the news that three of our faculty have been named as FIU Top Scholars.

Dr. Jenna Gibbs Dr. Jenna Gibbs was recognized for her academic appointment as a 2015-16 Fellow of the Stanford Humanities Center.
Dr. April Merleaux Dr. April Merleaux was recognized for the publication of her award-winning book Sugar and Civilization and for being primary investigator on a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Dr. Bianca Premo Dr. Bianca Premo was recognized in the category of Notable Awards for receiving the 2015 Kimberly Hanger Prize from the Southern Historical Association for the article “Felipa’s Braid: Gender, Law and Culture in Colonial Oaxaca,” published in Ethnohistory 61:3 (Summer 2014).