Dr. Victor Uribe wins LACS - SHA Murdo J. Macleod book prize

The Murdo Macleod Prize committee said:

"The 2016 Murdo McLeod Book Prize Committee unanimously selected Uribe-Uran’s deeply researched and masterfully executed study as the recipient of this year’s award. The committee members recognize the book as an example of top-notch social and comparative history. Framing the “world of spousal murders” within a broader Atlantic framework, Uribe-Uran located 206 fascinating criminal cases within archival holdings in Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. The author utilizes a variety of analytic lenses (social history, legal history, cultural history, gender history, and sexuality studies) to present very convincing arguments for the import of this approach to historical development. His expert analysis of these cases sheds new light on the workings of the colonial state, the culture of honor, shifting understandings of law and justice, the enduring challenges of family violence, and the agency of women in colonial Latin America. The award committee congratulates the author on a remarkable study that is sure to make a significant and enduring impact on the field."