History faculty receive two Writing Across the Curriculum Grants

The department as been awarded two Writing Across the Curriculum Grants.

The first is an individual grant to Dr. Tovah Bender. This award will be used to fund the development of a writing curriculum for upper-level history classes focusing on the skills necessary for history majors. Once developed, this curriculum will be available to other professors in the department and to the departmental tutors.

The second is a group grant to Dr. Tovah Bender and Dr. Joyce Peterson. The award will fund work on the redevelopment and recertification of our nine core curriculum courses, all of which fulfill FIU’s Gordon Rule requirements, serving over 2000 students per semester. We will work to develop a single set of objectives to these courses. Then, with the help of faculty in each of the areas that the courses represent, we will work develop curriculum for each course that meets these objectives in the way that best reflects current approaches to the subject areas while serving student needs.