Graduate Placement

Our graduates occupy tenure-track positions in various institutions, ranging from liberal arts colleges to Research-1 and respected foreign universities. In addition to the universities highlighted below, some PhDs are in positions at High Point University (Renzo Honores), Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Germán Palacios), Jacksonville University (Jesse Hingson), and the University of West Georgia (Colleen Vasconsellos), among others.

Read what some of our terrific recent graduates say about their experience with the Graduate Program:

Julio Capó (PhD , 2011) is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with interests in Latina/o studies and inter-American relations with a focus on sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and immigration. His dissertation from FIU won the Urban History Association Best Dissertation Prize in 2012. In addition, his 2010 article, “Queering Mariel,” Journal of American Ethnic History, received two prizes, including the Carlton C. Qualey Memorial Article Award from the Immigration and Ethnic History Society. In 2011, he worked as a Postdoctoral Associate at the Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Program and American Studies Program at Yale University. He has received other awards and grants, including the Heller-Diane Bernard Fellowship Award from the City University of New York’s Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, best essay from the Cuban Research Institute, and FIU’s First Annual University Graduate School Provost Award for Outstanding Paper or Manuscript.

Image: julio-capo.png

“FIU's graduate program was a perfect fit for me… [and] molded my training to match the needs and gaps in the field. My professors honed and developed all the professional skills I needed along the way: from presenting a conference paper to applying for an academic job. Of course, the benefits of studying history in a culturally-rich city like Miami with countless—often untapped—resources cannot be overstated.”

Erika Edwards (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor of Latin American History, University of North Carolina-Charlotte. While a student at FIU, Dr. Edwards received Fulbright and Ford Dissertation awards to support her studies. Her recent publications include "Mestizaje, Cordoba's Patria Chica: Beyond the Myth of Black Disappearance in Argentina" in the special issue "There are No Blacks in Argentine: Policing the Racial Border" African and Black Diaspora International Journal.

Image: erika-edwards.png

"Having come from out-of-state, the best thing about FIU's History department was the feeling of family. I was welcomed from day one, and graduate students, rather than competing with each other, celebrate each others' successes..."

Frances L. Ramos (MA, 1996), Associate Professor of History at the University of South Florida, Tampa. She received her B.A. and M.A. from FIU before entering the doctoral program in history at the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her PhD in 2005. Dr. Ramos has been awarded several prestigious research fellowships and her book, Identity, Ritual, and Power in Colonial Puebla (University of Arizona Press, 2012), won the Michael C. Meyer Award for Best Book in Mexican History (2008-2012).

Image: frances-ramos.png

“The department's faculty and staff created a stimulating and supportive environment where I felt encouraged to grow professionally, whether by organizing guest lectures or traveling to professional conferences. The skills I acquired at FIU provided an important foundation for my doctoral studies and helped me to rise to the top of my class as a PhD student.”

Silvia Z. Mitchell (MA 2006), is Assistant Professor of Spanish History at Purdue University. She went from FIU to the University of Miami for her PhD and specializes early modern Spain, the Spanish Atlantic, and women’s and gender history.

Image: silvia-mitchell.png

“The history department’s MA program provided a rigorous training and an intellectually stimulating environment, giving me an excellent foundation to continue my doctoral education. I particularly benefitted from the Atlantic perspectives of the department, which taught me to think broadly and transnationally. During my time at FIU, I developed long-lasting and important professional relationships. Noble David Cook, for example, who directed my MA thesis, has continued to be a trusted mentor, advisor, and friend.”