Africa and Middle East

FIU’s History Department possesses exciting, cutting-edge offerings on Africa and the Middle East that are central to our Graduate Program. Graduate students can concentrate their research on African History and Middle Eastern peoples and cultures, particularly by situating them within the context of transnationalism or Atlantic History, the core of the Department’s PhD Program. The master's degree in Africa or Middle East provides a strong foundation for professional or further academic work. Africa is essential to the doctoral program's emphasis on the Atlantic world, and concentration in African history affords students opportunities to pursue cross-cultural research. Atlantic history highlights the long-standing communication, migration and trade networks between the Middle East, Africa, and Europe and the Americas.

Faculty interests and expertise in Africa and the Middle East and their diasporas reflect the multi-centric model of History embraced by the Department. From issues of race and migration to the history of gender in various regions, students can select from classes that will both deepen students’ expertise in national and regional histories, and place African and Middle Eastern countries and peoples in a wider context. Please consult the Faculty Specializations for Graduate Faculty topics of Interest, and the Full Faculty List for our complete range of thematic expertise.


Beyond faculty in History, students have at their disposal a vibrant program in African and African Diaspora Studies, and a Center for Middle East Studies. Both have graduate certificate programs. In addition, students will find experts and resources in several other of the University’s social science and humanities departments, including Religion and Politics and International Relations.