Graduate Application

Please note that the deadline for applications to the Atlantic History Ph.D. Program is now December 1, and that the deadline for applications to the M.A. Program in History is now February 1. Applications procedures have changed, so please review the content of this page carefully.

For information regarding the application process not covered here, please contact:

Graduate Program Director
Department of History
Florida International University
Deuxième Maison Suite DM 397
Miami, FL 33199
Phone: (305) 348-2328
Fax: (305) 348-3561


Admission to the Programs

For the most up-to-date requirements, including information for students with M.A.s seeking to enter the doctoral program, please consult the official Graduate Catalog.

There are two parts to the application process: 1) the online application to the University Graduate School and 2) the materials presented to the Department of History. Students who are offered admission to the M.A. or the Ph.D. program must accept the department's offer in writing to secure their place in the program. At the time of notification of admission, students will be provided with an acceptance-of-admission form, which will include an explicit reply-by date. This form must be signed and returned to the department's Graduate Secretary.

A complete application consists of the following elements:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample
  • application for Graduate Assistantship (if appropriate)
  • two Letters of Recommendation with waivers (see below)
  • post-secondary transcripts (with translations if required, see below)
  • GRE scores (doctoral students only)

University Graduate School Materials

Students have to complete the online application and supply the following documents:

  • official transcripts from any post secondary institutions attended
  • International students need to provide TOEFL scores (if applicable, minimum score is 575).
  • International students are also required to provide diplomas and official translations of both transcripts and diplomas.
  • GRE scores (Ph.D. applicants only)

Please note that while there is no GRE threshold for admission, students with exceptional GRE scores may be considered for a Presidential Fellowship, which requires, among other qualifications, that one of the two section scores, verbal and quantitative, meets or exceeds the 80th percentile, and the other score meets or exceeds the 60th percentile. For more information on percentiles and conversions, see https:/www.ets.orgs/gre/pdf/concordance_information.pdf

The mailing address for these materials is:

Office of Graduate Admission
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199 USA

Department Materials

Applicants to both the M.A. and Ph.D. programs should send the following materials electronically or in hard copy directly to the Graduate Program Director (and not to the University's Office of Graduate Admissions):

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • brief (two to three pages) Statement of Purpose: This statement should provide information about your areas of historical interest, your background in History, and any other details that will help evaluate your suitability for our program. (We assume that you love history—we want to know why you want to pursue an M.A. or Ph.D. and what you want to do during and after your degree.)
  • Writing Sample: for Ph.D. applicants a single, article-length (thirty pages or fewer) piece of academic writing, preferably demonstrating use of primary sources and/or analysis of historiography; for M.A. applicants a single piece of academic writing, preferably in History, of no fewer than five and no more than ten pages
  • Graduate Assistantship application: If you would like to be considered for one of a limited number of competitive doctoral Graduate Assistantships, please complete the GA application in full and submit it directly to the department. Please see the Graduate Assistant Handbook for more information about the formal elements of a Graduate Assistantship.
  • In addition, you must arrange to have two Letters of Recommendation sent directly to the department's Graduate Program Director. A signed waiver form for the Letters of Recommendation must be included with each letter. These letters should specifically address the applicant's preparation in the study of history and the chances for success in a History graduate program. Please note that recommendation letters that do not indicate a selection regarding the waiver will not be considered.

To accelerate the consideration of your application, you may also submit the following to the department in addition to the Graduate Admissions office.

  • Unofficial copy of transcripts from any post-secondary institutions attended
  • GRE scores (Ph.D. applicants only)

The application deadline is December 1 for the Ph.D. program and February 1 for the M.A. program. The Department of History has Fall term admissions only.



Applicants to both the M.A. and Ph.D. program must have a minimum GPA of 3.25. To be fully admitted, applicants must have completed at least 12 credit hours (on the basis of 3-hour courses) in undergraduate courses in the field of History. Applicants who do not fulfill this requirement may address the deficiency by successfully completing four undergraduate (3000- and 4000-level) History courses at FIU prior to acceptance into the M.A. program. These courses can be taken by registering under the category of Special Student and will not count toward the M.A. The student must obtain at least the grade of B in each of these courses before applying to the graduate programs. Please consult the University Graduate Catalog and the Office of Admissions for more information.

The quoted GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores and the undergraduate grade point averages are minimum requirements. All applications are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee, which makes all final admissions decisions.