Financial Support

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

Teaching Assistantships

Students wishing to be considered for an appointment as a Teaching Assistant should address a separate letter to the Director of Graduate Studies outlining their interest in and qualifications for such an appointment. Teaching Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis to qualified full-time graduate students in the MA and Ph.D. programs. The deadlines for application are the same as those for admission. Teaching Assistants normally serve in support of lower-division introductory courses. Frequently, responsibilities may include grading students' works, leading discussion sections, and various course administration tasks. The mentoring relationship established with the supervising professor is meant to assist the student in becoming more adept at the teaching and learning dimensions of the instructional assignment in the context of of History education. Students at advanced stages may be assigned to be Instructors of Record, responsible for their own courses. PhD assistantships are available on a 12-month basis. MA assistantships are available on a 9-month basis. Significantly higher stipends are provided to students in the doctoral program.

First time Teaching Assistants must enroll in "Supervised Teaching." This multifaceted course is designed to introduce Teaching Assistants to the teaching resources available at FIU and to provide opportunities to discuss teaching and learning methodologies.

Fellowships and Financial Aid

Further sources of financial support include a limited number of graduate fellowships and financial aid. A limited number of waivers of out-of state tuition charges are also available. Inquiries regarding these sources of support should be addressed to the Director of Graduate Studies.

Information regarding graduate financial aid is available from the College of Arts and Sciences and the University Graduate School. In addition, the University Graduate School offers enhanced funding for assistantships and for year-long dissertation research and writing.

History graduate students in the Latin American concentration have been successful in competing for fellowships offered through the Latin American & Caribbean Center from various sources, including the Mellon Foundation, the Foreign Language and Areas Studies program of the Department of Education, and the Organization of American States, among others.