Program Overview

The Department of History offers academic training for graduate students at the master's and doctoral levels. Refining their intellectual skills and cultural experience as citizens of a true Atlantic metropolis, our doctoral students graduate from the nation's first and longest-standing Ph.D. program in Atlantic History. With expertise in research and innovation in teaching, our program rewards doctoral students with a strong foundation in the history of the Atlantic world from pre-colonial times to the modern era. At the same time, the program provides students numerous opportunities to specialize in geographical regions and thematic focus areas of their choosing. Our M.A. students, meanwhile, pursue successful professional careers or continue their education in a wide variety of academic disciplines.


Application Process

The application and review process takes place once a year for admission in the Fall semester. The Ph.D. application deadline is January 15 while applications to the M.A. program are due on February 1 of each year. For general inquiries about the program, please use the Graduate Contact form. To obtain more specific information, please contact our Graduate Secretary, Luis del Pino, or the Director of Graduate Program, Dr. Okezi Otovo.

Financial Support

Our department offers exceptionally strong financial support to doctoral students on a competitive basis. Our Ph.D. students hold teaching assistantships that allow them to work closely with faculty members for the benefit of familiarizing themselves with cutting-edge approaches to in-class and online teaching. The twelve-months-per-year financial support plan includes tuition waivers and contributes to our students' consistent progress toward degree completion. Additional fellowships and grants are available through the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, the University Graduate School, and other institutions at FIU. A selection of our M.A. students receive nine-month assistantships that also cover tuition.


Student Community

Our department's graduate community is a vibrant group of students with diverse academic backgrounds and research interests. Graduate students contribute to departmental life through the Department of History Graduate Student Association. DOHGSA organizes professional and social events, hosts an annual scholarly conference, and publishes its own academic journal online and in print.

Intellectual Environment

The Department of History's graduate programs are firmly integrated into FIU's growing University Graduate School. Students in History benefit from the department's close affiliations with the African and African Diaspora Studies Program, the Latin American and Caribbean Center, the Cuban Research Institute, the European Center of Excellence, the Wolfsonian Museum, and a large number of other departments and divisions that make FIU one of the largest and most dynamic public research universities in the United States.