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Dr. Victor Uribe's radio interview to air Sunday, September 25th


Tune in to hear Dr. Victor Uribe's interview on Radio Caracol, 1260 AM, concerning the peace negotiations in Colombia between the Colombian government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC-EP guerrillas. It shall air this Sunday, September 25th, at 11 am.

Dr. Terrence Peterson interviewed by The New York Times


Dr. Terrence Peterson was interviewed by The New York Times for the article "France’s ‘Burkini’ Bans Are About More Than Religion or Clothing". Click to read the article.

Dr. Aurora Morcillo interviewed by El Nuevo Herald


Dr. Aurora Morcillo was interviewed by El Nuevo Herald about her journey as a historian coming of age in the transition from Francoist dictatorship to democracy in her home country, Spain. Click to read the article.

Upcoming Events

Writing Professionally: Emails & Networking in English and Spanish

09/26/2016 02:00 PM

Writing experts and historians Micah Oelze and Judith Mansilla offer an hour-long workshop explaining how clear writing opens up professional opportunities across the globe. Trained as historians, Oelze and Mansilla will show students of all majors how the historical writing style can be usefully applied to networking, graduate school applications, and job applications. This session in particular looks at the lost art of the crafted letter, and teach five simple steps to reviving this tradition

Ephemeral Cities: The Politics and Poetics of Environmental Crisis

10/22/2016 10:30 AM

Participate with nationally-recognized humanities scholars in a discussion of design responses to natural disaster and environmental change.

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Prof. Kenneth Lipartito's recent article in the American Historical Review, "Reassembling the Economic: New Departures in Historical Materialism," is available for free access at this link.

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